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Pave The Way

Pave The Way is a partnership project between Mind, Routeways, Plymouth Citizens Advice Bureau, Plymouth Relate, The Zone brought together to offer a package of support in a structured way to people who otherwise might be released from HMP Exeter without support.

The aim of the project is not to encourage client dependency but to give an opportunity for a fresh start in the community of Plymouth.

...A meeting with a Pave the Way Caseworker will be arranged.

...Starting with an assessment of your needs Routeways can prepare with you a personalised package to help you when settling in Plymouth.

...Routeways can offer:

  1. Ongoing Support
  2. Access to your GP and other health related agencies
  3. Benefit Advice
  4. Housing Advice
  5. Grants Advice
  6. Volunteering in the Community
  7. Employment Advice and Training
  8. Tax Credit Advice and Calculations
  9. Form Completion
  10. Relationship Support
  11. Financial Advice and Money Management
  12. Access to Legal Advice
  13. Drugs and Alcohol Referral
  14. Regular reviews


This project ceased December 2012 - further funding was not forthcoming, sadly, to continue this valuable service.

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